In December 2nd, a snowfall will dress up beautiful and picturesque mountain Crescent Spring. On the same day, Xinjiang by the cold air from the West and precipitation effect common, Dunhuang appeared in snowy weather. Our correspondent Zhang Xiaoliang
On November 8th, Chinese Communist the eighteenth times countrywide congress is in Beijing people congress hall is a grand opening. It is represented in to listen to the report. The Xinhua News Agency ....
The Jiuquan October 16th news (reporter Zhang Jiwen) today, Suzhou District East hole beach photoelectric demonstration park sound plangent, colored flag is flying, the sun of the Anhui power Limited by Share Ltd invest 1100000000 yuan " sunshine power Jiuquan East hole beach 100....
Tianshui, a well - known historical and cultural city on the Euro-Asian Continental Bridge is loc... ...
Wuwei, also named Liangzhou, which is repulated the Silver Wuwein and located in the east end of ... ...
· Atlanta hospital specialists in contact for the masses village clinic
· A snowfall will dress up beautiful and picturesque mountain Crescent Spring
· Lanzhou city Qilihe District West Lake street Liang Jia Zhuang community conscientiously implement the " four thirty " project
· First people's Hospital of Lanzhou city to actively help the community to improve the conditions of the Office
· Zhangye city Ganzhou District North Street Community several difficulties of the masses to the " loving care supermarket " free clothes
· To carry forward the Chinese culture of Korean minority has made outstanding contribution to Gansu's Li Ting prize
· The twelfth session of the County Youth Science and technology innovation contest Kasai
· Minle County laboratory middle school students is visiting West liberation Memorial
· Hui County in the physical education teachers are the students in vital capacity measurements
· Lanzhou music kindergarten teacher study discuss eighteen spirit
· Min Le Biandukou:the most beautiful color in heaven
· lanzhou
· Lintao Mosquito-Repellent Incense
· Tianshui Guagua
· Huangtai Spirits Wine
· Lanzhou City Nanshan Road project construction site was a busy
· Hui County to actively implement the national agricultural subsidies for the project
· Hui County the farmers are sold in Flue-cured Tobacco
· Longxi Chinese herbal medicine market farmers will be qualified dangshen loading
· Zhuanglang County town of dual fort village masses shipment " Zhuang potato three" potato seed
· In the autumn park beautiful scenery in Tai Lake
· Hui County to develop the tourism industry
· Foreign tourists in Yuzhong County Xinglong mountain ornamental leaves
· Autumn in the county of new city of picturesque
· Tourists in Hui County Tai Lake garden play boating
· In zoology home beautiful Tianzhu
· The Chengguan District of Lanzhou city to take measures to strengthen the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution in winter promotion
· Zhangye city Ganzhou District Flower of aquaculture farmers built the largest ecological farms
· Anding District Xiangquan town ecological environment is improved greatly
· Several students from the county town square across the sun