Zhangye wetland show ecological Charm

Reporter Zhang Xueming

Recently, a reporter from the Ganzhou area, along the 312 National Road drove all the way to the west, in the county territory, lake, bay, lake, lake, dotted with cauda equina days the waters of a lake as mirrors embedded in the shoals of Lu Xu, and Heihe water." Long Yan, Dan Dan Yunshan" magnificent scenery, deduction a bird, harmonious and pleasant view water.

In the high-profile Bay scenic viewing platform, the reporters saw from the viewing platform, more than 100 meters of place have a pileup at Island Lake, above the trees a wild profusion of vegetation. Scenic area staff said, that is specially set artificial island, is prohibited. It is understood, because the lake aquatic is exuberant, abundant water, every year, as well as the white stork, black stork White Swan yellow duck, duck and other 20 kinds of birds during the breeding habitat.

However, two years ago, this picturesque place was county 's largest landfill.


" Previously, here the garbage pile up like a mountain hand stink, made nearby residents suffer, but also a threat to Heihe 's security of water quality." County Construction of Wetland Park group assistant group leader Pei Yanli told reporters.

" In recent years, the county from sound management mechanism and to fulfil the job responsibilities, continued to carry out afforestation, afforestation and sand control afforestation, seal beach grass ecological projects such as construction, strictly reclaimed wasteland, catch fight birds. Investment about 12200000 yuan for the landfill flat, flood control dam reinforcement, excavation, surrounding Lotus Pond greening work. New programming construction of bridge landscape, wetland landscape display, wild waterfowl protection, water well ecological greening leisure four subregion, have been gradually restored wetland landscape function." Zhangye city of Heihe River Wetland Management Bureau deputy director, county forestry bureau director Zhang Yongxiang said.


It is understood, in recent years, county has built the city, Hopewell Lebanon 2 wetland management station and the bay tower, key set lot fence 21 kilometers, laid a red 2033, finish afforestation 1500 mus, vegetation enclosure of 5500 acres, 16000 acres of vegetation restoration.

Returning farmland to forest, the afforestation that treat sand, Seal Beach forest the county forest land area increased much. Via national forestry bureau the migratory birds resource environmental testing center, the tower has become the main channel of the migratory birds and one of the important transit station.


Wetland of Zhangye City Management Bureau Director Zhou people told reporters:" in recent years, we will be the city's wetland project core area 2600 acres of wasteland and overall retreat, fence protection, restoration of wetlands, Zhangye National Wetland Park Wetland city core area centrally to reach 26000 mu. The city's 6 counties are all became the national ecological compensation area. Relying on the wetland resources construction new home should travel, make the ecological city to further demonstrate the charm."

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