" Gansu daily" wins the first annual national quality national newspaper Awards

Recently, printing Committee of China newspaper industry association was held in Beijing"2012" conference of job of printing quality. Meeting of the first half of this year, the newspaper's printing quality detection, exchange of newspaper printing quality management working experience and method, discussed and adopted the revised edition of" the newspaper printing quality requirements and testing methods for2011Annual Meeting", participating in89newspapers to gain fine grade30 newspaper printing plant, issued a Boutique national newspaper quality medal.

" Gansu daily" nearly 5years to uphold the" news for this, content is king, guide for the soul, the reader first" ideas and" to win, to win, to the Indian to win" the strategy that achieve actor, the two expanded edition, aggrandizement of printing quality management," Gansu daily" printing quality with a high score of 95.56, for the first annual national newspaper printing quality of the highest level - Boutique national newspaper awards. " Gansu daily" in the 90language newspaper in the top seventeenth, and as the3boutique national newspaper printing plant on behalf of the experience introduction.

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