Min Le Biandukou:the most beautiful color in heaven

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Min Le Biandukou:: the most beautiful color in heaven

Go flat, recalling the ancient customs. See the golden, as snow. Jinhua drunk, Xuefeng tip. Return to the flat, natural moat song.

Flat mouth, ancient say" dadou-bagu". The method is significant and westbound method, the Zhang Qian to the western regions, to the West 's break in everlasting city and Zhang Guobi and the opening of the Silk Road, inspector Sui Te Si in and near the ancient city of international conference was held, general Wang Zhen soldiers out flat mouth liberation West and other major historical events happened here. This canyon topography, the Jun Mindanao, an ancient military a hotly contested spot, business travel the silk road is one of the important channels in Minle County, focused on creating the financial natural scenery, summer recreation, history and culture as one of the plateau ecological tourism zone. Scenic areas within the four seasons, the picturesque scenery. Summer cool and pleasant, green grass load of cattle and sheep; winter snow-wrapped, Xueying blue sky white. Million mu of golden yellow flowers of rape and boundless, fragrance overflowing, and snow snow formed a moving picture of Qilian Mountains. Golden pastoral, Highlands Ranch, Shifoyan painting and other attractions to the unique charm of a indulge in pleasures without stop. The new international self-drive RV campgrounds, viewing photography platform, ski drifting and holiday leisure, drawing together into a concentrated color of heaven, humanistic picture, will become the Gansu ecological tourism business card.

Traffic is convenient. State Road 227 line runs through the whole territory, are building Lan-Xin Railway Passenger Line and has been shipping Zhangye airport is connected things, communication north and south, initially formed in Zhangye, Lanzhou, Xining and the surrounding areas of self-driving tour gold node.

Tour golden wonder land, goods China color paradise. The charm of folk welcome you!

Writer: Zhang Deyu Zhang Xiaoyan Photography: removal of Xing Chen Gang Han Wenxiu Zhang Zuoji

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