Summer training

Rail rolling

The water at

The rapid buildup

March forward courageously

A lively dragon and an active tiger

Boarding pass departure

Deep strike

" Eight one " army on the eve of the festival, the reporter interviewed in depth in the Gansu troops, with the camera recorded the soldiers fighting heat, high temperature hot bucket training scene.

At noon, the Hexi Corridor, the surface temperature is above 40 ℃, Lanzhou military troops to Qilian Mountains in Gobi desert, in unfamiliar terrain, hard exercise embattle soldiers. In training, they do not fear hardship, defying the scorching sun, begin deep " post practice, competition for the first army, professional assessment, assessment experts ranked " activities, to further mobilize the broad officers and soldiers training initiative, show the modern military iron will and excellent military skills.

In the Pingliang armed police unit to the natural environment as the Maidan, the officers and men under a heat wave, to combat the background marching, firing, crossing obstacles, wrestling, office of the sudden explosion and the military physical fitness in subjects such as training, comprehensive training commander Pro machine handling ability and force rapid reaction capacity.

Lanzhou military region in Tianshui in close to the mission plan to win on the battlefield, training soldiers. They put the training task set difficult, the opponent will be a ruthless, the content with risks. In summer, they put the troops pulled into the Gobi desert, mountain and jungle, wading mire wild strange complex region, the exercise of officers and soldiers in the special hardship, to fight, particularly patience, to dedicate a tenacious style and fighting spirit.

Reporter Lv Jianrong correspondent Sun Huawei Wang Boyu Liang Jianming

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