2012 China Lanzhou Beef Noodle Festival

The newspaper Lanzhou on August 6th news ( reporter Li Feng ) this morning, " the Bank of Lanzhou Cup " 2012 China Lanzhou beef noodle festival opening ceremony in Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center plaza.

The provincial Party committee, vice-governor Xian Hui attends an opening ceremony and announced the beef noodle festival.

The festival will be the second bank of Dunhuang and the Silk Road International Tourism Festival activities, by the China International Chamber of Commerce, the China Cuisine Association, Lanzhou city hall, business office, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Lanzhou City Chengguan District government contractors.

At the opening ceremony, performing a hundred beef noodles, beef Ramen stunt, beef Ramen interactive programs, shows the Lanzhou beef noodle products and long on the famous snack. China Cuisine Association and the Lanzhou city hall is responsible for man-made " Chinese beef noodle town " uncover a shop sign.

Lanzhou beef noodle has inherits hundred years, to flavor unique flavor and " innocent and lively color sense of well-known throughout the country ." ". In 1999, Lanzhou beef noodles and Beijing " Quanjude roast duck, " Tianjin " Goubuli" steamed together, by the national cooking competition designated as "three big Chinese fast food " pilot varieties. Entered in twenty-first Century, Lanzhou beef noodles is rapidly throughout the country, go out of the country, has become a big industry.

From the China Cuisine Association, China Chamber of international commerce and Shaanxi, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other provinces of the guests, more than 10 foreign enterprise representative, Lanzhou city beef Ramen business representatives attended the opening ceremony.

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