The price of gasoline and diesel from today to increase 390 yuan per ton and 370 yuan

According to Xinhua news agency, Beijing, 9 August, the national development and Reform Commission announces 9 days, from August 10th zero hour will steam, diesel prices were increased by 390 per ton and 370 yuan, equivalent to 90 petrol and 0 diesel (the national average ) per liter retail prices were increased by 0.29 yuan and 0.32 yuan.

Development and Reform Commission responsible person said, the domestic refined oil price adjustment, mainly according to the current domestic refined oil pricing mechanism, and according to recent international market oil price changes situation. In July 11th the domestic refined oil price adjustment since, affected by multiple factors, the international market oil price concussion is climbed litre, in late July WTI and Brent crude oil futures price picks up again to $90 and $105 and above. As of August 8th, domestic oil prices linked to the international market three kinds of crude oil for 22 days moving average price rose by more than 4%, reached the domestic refined oil price adjustment of the boundary conditions.

According to the development and Reform Commission introduced, after the oil price adjustment, the country will be in accordance with the established subsidy mechanism, continue to grain farmers, fishing (including pelagic fishery ), forestry, city bus, rural road passenger transport (including the interisland and rural passenger transport ) and other subsidies.

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