Shenzhen to Dingxi donated 2700000 yuan materials

The newspaper Dingxi news ( reporter Wang Yu correspondent Zheng Jingwen ) recently, the Shenzhen city to support the Gansu Dingxi donated goods handover ceremony held in Dingxi City, province government is stationed in Shenzhen office staff on behalf of the Shenzhen municipal social donation received management service center to the city of Dingxi, donated 2700000 yuan worth of computer, clothing, bags, mattresses and other materials 130000.

Shenzhen City donor center has been committed to build a plurality of donated goods receiving platform, focus on helping the poor business, enterprise and the public offering of love donations, aid groups. According to the introduction, in order to help Dingxi Minxian and other places the people tide over the difficulties, Shenzhen city from the citizens of Shenzhen and love of donor center enterprise daily donated goods sorting, sorting out the practical materials donated to the poor areas of Dingxi.

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