Kang County: ecological civilization village picturesque

After a rain, the clouds of the picturesque town village. Ecological civilization in the construction of new countryside, county from the superior entries, financial awards complement, poverty alleviation, whole village of prefectural financial supporting units, to help build and many other channels to raise funds, more and more rural old appearance is changed new colour.


Deep in the mountains of Yangba Zhen village such as a dragon lying on the banks of the river. Ecological civilization in the construction of new countryside, county to post-disaster reconstruction, poverty alleviation development opportunity, rely on landscape resource, the devious little village built tourist spots.


Built by the mountain poplar Township Wang Village Swallows river become a unique landscape. Ecological civilization in the construction of new countryside, county put every village as an attraction to design, according to the village residential environment, the village allows village appearance of different categories and characteristics, determine the different architectural style.


Located at the high mid Wang Guan Township Luocun in new rural ecological civilization construction under the impetus, bid farewell to the "rotten house, donkey, " singles " old three ", implementation "new, agricultural vehicles, become rich knack ." "new duo ".


Rice, flowers, trees silhouetted against the Great Southern Town Flower Village such as land of idyllic beauty. Ecological civilization in the construction of new countryside, county vigorously implement the housing lighting, road sclerosis, landscaping works, entire county 350 villages infrastructure conditions have been thoroughly to remould oneself changes.

Kang County Long of Huaqiao village in the field on university students use the holiday to Haruki draw culture wall. The county through the cultural corridor construction, " four new" ( new countryside, new farmers, new fashion, new image ) competition activities in rural areas, create a civilized and harmonious, law-abiding, neighbourhood harmony environment.

Green mill dam Township Xuan Ma Wan Village, presenting a " village in the green, real in the picture, in the scene" the beautiful scenery.

Greenery king Baxiang village water. The county this year, the new rural ecological civilization construction as couplet village couplet door, for people to enrich the people the action main content will catch, start cadre masses to integrate resources, advance planning, to help village village Maung changed.

In recent years, the county and grasp the post-disaster reconstruction opportunity, relying on abundant natural resources, the new rural ecological civilization construction and ecological tourism, cultural corridor construction, characteristic industry development, comprehensive management of urban and rural environment, demonstration, development that help deficient up to create combination, vigorously implement rural greening, building lighting, Road sclerosis, environment landscaping works and the mass quality promotion project, hire a qualified professional design units, a village as a scenic design, every farmer as attractions to transform, according to each village living environment, village appearance of different types and characteristics, determine the different architectural style and construction standards.

In the county Party committee, county government to basically lead a high starting point positioning, lead plan, in entire county cadre masses hardworking get right on the job, in remote mountains emerged Yang dam, Longtan ditch, village branch, shore in front of Hejiashan, Gang Green Dam, long dam village, Huaqiao, King Bada ditch, Wang Guan Xu Luo mill dam, Xuan Ma Bay, South Valley Temple flower, Topol Ping Wang and a number of other province, city is a model of the effect of new rural ecological civilization.

In these hills village, a row of a unified style homes nestled in green leaves, the village is configured with the trash, garbage, built pool of firedamp pool and garden, and modern atmosphere rich cultural square, the villagers dance fitness, figure, is the village set off full of vigour, especially charming.

Swan Lake Kecun Yangba Zhen Village by Taiwan people love to aid, unified layout of buildings are double small building with two floors, white walls and Blue Crochet off, spindle cylinder form a fence with lattice windows of Dahongmen echoed, architectural style impressive.

Village is located in riverside county Meiyuan, look far, the hills along the river and the construction of the village, 53 farmhouse courtyard is divided into two columns extending forward, forming a graceful arc, lying in a wild profusion of vegetation in the deep mountain.

There is a tea garden song village, the Mid-Levels on Xu Luocun, mulberry field surrounded by a village a large number of new rural area, with their respective characteristics, decorated with Kang Xian mountains.

Up to now, the county around "build eco-village, take rich route, civilized person " the new rural ecological civilization construction object, build new rural ecological civilization 150, wherein, boutique village 26, demonstrative village 73, village 51 standard, showing the " village in the green, in the picture, people in real the scene" style, not only the local farmer's living standard has been greatly upgraded, and become a new tourist attraction, attracting tourists come in a throng.

This edition text / picture news reporter Zhou Zhejun

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