The first demonstration of food quality inspection center settled in Lanzhou

The newspaper Lanzhou news ( reporter Wen Jie) in August 20th the first national " food quality safety detection technology demonstration center " through expert review, held today in Lanzhou opening ceremony. The demonstration center put into use, will greatly enhance the Midwest regional food quality and safety detection capability of food production enterprises, promote the construction of sincere letter system, to further ensure the safety of food quality. CPPCC Vice Director of Economic Commission, Ministry of former minister Li Yizhong Lu Wucheng, Secretary of Lanzhou municipal Party committee, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Huang Xuanping attended the opening ceremony.

" Food quality safety detecting technology demonstration center " is based on China's food safety situation and task, in Jin Guofan, Lu Wanzhen, Chen Hongyuan, Zhuang Songlin, Jiang Guibin five academician 's proposal, the Ministry of industry and information technology for the company of production of our country food quality safety detection ability is weak, self-checking ability inadequacy, testing new equipment collocation shortage, lack of professionals as well as oriented enterprises especially the problem such as shortage of detection of public service platform construction. The departments concerned in the recommendation and the Ministry of Public Works letter investigation foundation, to rely on the Lanzhou Science Research Institute to carry out experimental work, and establish a " food quality safety detection technology demonstration center ", after more than half a year of trial operation, the project total investment of 142900000 yuan for the first " food quality inspection demonstration center" was officially inaugurated operation.

Reportedly, the demonstration center by Lanzhou Science Research Institute to organize construction, has completed the microorganisms, pesticide and drug residues detection seven laboratories, Plateau Summer Vegetables, dairy, meat and wine four feature detection and display areas, and the detection of personnel training center and cloud computing center. At the same time, also has a food safety intelligent detecting vehicle, in the event of food safety emergencies, emergency rapid detection detection car. The demonstration center will provide the majority of food production enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises to provide detection demonstration, personnel training, testing, emergency services such as testing, and for the food industry to provide management security technology consulting.


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