Xinghua adolescent student foundation year funding to poor students more than 1000 people

The newspaper Lanzhou on August 21st news (reporter Lv Baolin ) Gansu Xinghua adolescent student foundation at present annual funding poor students in our province and Qinghai more than 1000 years, more than $2000000 to help. This morning, the foundation and the Tsinghua University Alumni Association of Gansu held a memorial service, common Memorial Foundation advocate sponsor.

Xinghua fund advocated initiator is an old professor at Tsinghua University. The old professor had served as vice president of Economic Management Institute of Tsinghua University, started in 2006 with his life savings to finance poor students, and always adhere to not open individual name. Initial funding activities mainly through Shenzhen with the Cci Capital Ltd and China Education TV station cooperation, in Jiangxi, Hubei, Gansu and other places to carry out. On 2009, in the province of Baiyin experimental middle school student with silver Hing Wah name created a "new with the class ". The fund was established, and began to subsidize the county Meng dam middle school, county first middle school, 4 middle school students. At present, more than 1000 year grant object. In July 22nd this year, the old professor died of illness. Before dying old man executed wills, donated bodies for medical research.

Reportedly, the foundation was established in the community has received a donation of nearly 600000 yuan.

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