Gansu Shaanxi seven Weihe Urban Tourism Alliance

The newspaper Weiyuan news ( reporter Wang Yu ) recently, aimed at the realization of regional tourism resources integration, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in tourism, construction of barrier-free tourism zone, to jointly promote the tourism economy development of Weihe Tourism Alliance was formally established.

Weihe basin of Dingxi, Tianshui, Baoji, Yangling, Xianyang, Weinan, Xi'an seven downtown with Gan Shaan two Province joint core area, has a very rich tourism resources, tourism market and tourism resources are complementary, and geographical proximity, cultural integration, custom dating. For the realization of regional tourism resources integration, together to create regional brand, the seven downtown Union established Weihe tourism alliance. Alliance of " resource sharing, information exchange, sharing, Internet marketing, tourist traffic interaction, mutual benefit" principle, it is dominant with the government, the enterprise as the main body, promote the regional tourism industry linkage interaction, encourage cooperation area between tourism enterprises through the development of cash stock, share, rent wait for a form to undertake joint ventures, encourage and guide travel agencies, hotels, scenic spots and tourism enterprises enter into business relations of cooperation, to develop business contacts, establish customer referral network, promote cooperation in tourism enterprises to improve the level of service and management level, and strive to achieve regional economic cooperation and win-win development.

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