Forest zone worker shed housing programme

Moved my heart rejoice.

Workers in community venues fitness.

New home.

The new home of the new school.

5 at the end of the day, with Longjiang Forestry Management Bureau Taohe river forestry bureau worker Zhou Guixia is a good day, that day, she moved to from the low bungalow in the Yeliguan scenic area in buildings. " I never dream to live on such a good house. " The new house, Zhou Guixia was his feelings of joy. The reporter sees, the new house with a kitchen and a bathroom, balcony, downstairs flower beds, green, fitness equipment and other facilities, goods are available in all varieties.


Zhou Guixia is the forest of older workers, the three generations of the family living in two years of less than 20 square meters of low adobe room, no toilets, no water system, conditions are very poor.

Founded in 1952 the white of Longjiang Forestry Management Bureau, the last shanty towns housing area amounts to 420000 square meters, accounting for 80% of the total area of forest house. Forest zone worker housing is the most real, mud mud grass skin grass adobe and " dry brick building " civil, brick-wood structure simple cottage, without any supporting facilities, belong to typical shanty towns. On 2009, white of Longjiang forestry management bureau invests capital 800000000 yuan, started to build bureau 57 years one of the biggest Huimin project -- the transformation of shanty towns. In 3 years, the global new building, renovation of 9032 sets, a total of 5231 households Xiqianxinju shanty town worker. By the end of this year, all the shanty town worker can move into new home ".

Cao Yicheng of our newspaper reporter

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