Gansu to build 1200000 acres of corn seed production base of national level

The newspaper Lanzhou news ( reporter Wang Zhaoxia ) to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on seed work deployment, recently, my province and Ministry of agriculture planning and Design Institute of Gansu province completed the " national corn seed production base construction plan ( 2012-2020 ) ", according to "standardization, scale, intensive to change, mechanization " base construction requirements, mainly along the Yellow River in Hexi Corridor, Longnan irrigation district and complement, the construction of 1200000 acres of corn seed production base of national level.

According to the requirement of Ministry of agriculture and me to save corn seed industry development reality, this year our province has been in Zhangye city of Ganzhou District, Linze County, county with a variety of land circulation set in 107000 acres of national corn breeding demonstration base, forming a "company + base " " company + cooperation + base " " company + production large + base " of "company + farm " and other four kinds of model base mode, improve the degree of Al Qaeda and the production efficiency, but also for the " four modernizations " seed production base construction of experience.

To accelerate the construction of 1200000 acres of national " 4 change " corn seed production base, our province will be in this year 100000 mus of corn seed production base construction, whole village is on the move connects successful pilot basis, increase further give aid to, aggrandizement measure, guide and encourage large enterprises and professional cooperation organization established by land circulation scale, standardization, intensive, mechanization of hybrid corn seed production base, perfect seed enterprises and make kind of farmer professional cooperatives or the interest join mechanism, fundamentally solve the enterprises and production base relationship instability problem. Through the province's 1200000 acres of national corn seed production base construction, comprehensive raise me to save corn seed production capacity and the ability to resist natural disasters, ensure national commissariat production uses kind of quantity and quality safety.

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