The Yellow River Gansu segment danger increase flood control situation is still grim

The newspaper Lanzhou on August 29th news ( reporter Song Zhenfeng ) this morning, my province held concerned conference, to the national headquarters of inspection team reported on the Yellow River flood control work. The reporter learns from the meeting, according to the weather forecast, in September 1 a few days ago, Qinghai and Lanzhou, and has the obvious rainfall process of silver. Because of the early precipitation, soil water saturation, which may be formed with rainfall flood dike, soaking time, hidden safety danger increases, probability, the Yellow River Gansu section of flood control situation is still grim.

From July 23rd onwards, the the Yellow River LanZhou Railway Station traffic has continued for 38 days more than 2000 cubic meters / second. Especially in July 30th, LanZhou Railway Station flow 3860 cubic meters / second, since has been 1986 maximum flood. At present, Longyangxia reservoir flood limit water level 0.4 meters, more than the design of Liujiaxia reservoir water level to limit water level 1927 meters, Liujiaxia reservoir control the LanZhou Railway Station 2500 cubic meters / second discharge. Affected by the ongoing flood influence, silver, Lanzhou, Linxia 3 cities, 10 counties and 38 villages and towns 66000 mus of farmland and farmland flooded river, 106 kilometers dike revetment collapsed and damaged 32.3, 51 place 58.9 kilometers Dike Seepage, 229 pumping stations pump, drains, water and other water conservancy facilities damaged, preliminary estimation of direct economic loss the 370000000 element.

At present, the the Yellow River Gansu section of flood disaster is mainly on dike safety hazards in Jingyuan County town, in, MI beach to three Beach Road, East Bay, district water springs section, Jingtai County, Yuzhong County town of Buddha Green Town section of Jishishan County, and agricultural protection engineering, mostly without sand embankment slope protection, long time immersion results in Reducing Flood flood control capacity, continue to pose a security risk increase.

In order to cope with the severe flood situation, at today's meeting, my province on the Yellow River flood control and arrangement deploy, further implement flood prevention measures, ensure the safety of the masses.

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