Tourism Festival to drive the Maiji District farm continued unpopular

The newspaper Lanzhou news ( reporter Li Feng ) reporter from the Provincial Tourism Bureau was informed that, in the second session of Dunhuang and the Silk Road International Tourism Festival drive, Maijishan Scenic tourists increase, led the Maiji District of " Nongjiale " continued unpopular.

The area is the Ministry of agriculture and the State Tourism Bureau as "national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration county ". In order to meet the second session of the Dunhuang and the Silk Road International Tourism Festival, Maiji District of " Nongjiale " undertook upgrading. Accumulative total throws " Nongjiale " construction funds 68700000 yuan, the new development of the farmyard, farming experience leisure type, ecological type and other types of " Nongjiale " more than 230 households.

Tourism Festival, some " Nongjiale " to receive a daily average of more than 400 visitors, for rural popular gathering, brought considerable income for farmers. At present, the area of " Nongjiale " has been around the cattle, horses, and more than 10 Township, direct employees more than 2000 people, indirectly, the surplus rural labor force more than 5000 people.

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