Hu Jintao on the current Sino-Japanese relations and the Diaoyu Islands issue show position

Xinhua news agency, Vladivostok 9 September, September 9th, President Hu Jintao in attendance of the twentieth APEC Economic Leaders' informal meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Noda Kahiko during a conversation. Hu Jintao on the current Sino-Japanese relations and China's position that the Diaoyu Islands issue.

Hu Jintao pointed out, recently, Sino-Japanese relations because of the Diaoyu Islands issue facing a grim situation. On the Diaoyu Islands issue, China's position is consistent, clear. Japan to take any means "buy " island is illegal, invalid, China is firmly opposed to. The Chinese government in safeguarding sovereignty and territorial issue not to move or retreat. Japan must be fully aware of the gravity of the situation, don't make the wrong decision, with the Chinese side, the overall development of China-Japan relations.

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