Lanzhou new district is rising abruptly

A plane from the construction of Lanzhou New Area overhead. Qin Wangchuan, this piece of land that once became silent, has now become a investment, poineering success, hope and dream for.


Flickering workshop to pull up.


Machine voice rumble construction.


Many builders fought in the construction of the new site.


Sports fans in the new one just completed the stadium football.


Likes to watch the new changes.


In the new set of Geely Group production line one busy clique.


Workers in a newly constructed building external decoration.

In August 20th, Lanzhou new area formally ratified by the State Council, become Shanghai Pudong New Area, Tianjin Binhai New Area, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, Zhejiang Zhoushan islands area after the national new fifth, the vast Qin Wangchuan once again drew numerous attention.

From Lanzhou city on the airport high speed, after half an hour, then to the land full of hope -- the Qin Wangchuan basin, which is stepping up construction of the New District of Lanzhou.

Spacious straight road with longitudinal transverse, a high-rise unpluggingly and case, tower cranes, scaffolding, steel frame building and construction vehicles shuttling back and forth ... ... The construction to be in full swing, like a raging fire.

The construction of Lanzhou new area, is conducive to enhancing the Lanzhou northwest territories as an important central city radiate to drive action, is beneficial to giving full play to regional advantages, enhance regional cooperation, promoting coordinated regional development, expand our country to open on the west the breadth and depth of. At the same time, the construction of Lanzhou New Area as the in-depth implementation of the western development strategy, to the exploration of northwestern old industrial city transition to develop and undertake the East Midlands industrial transfer in the new mode, promote western inland is owed develop area accelerate advance new-style industrialization, urbanization, modernization of agriculture development, have very important sense.

Lanzhou New District Development and construction started two years, in social all circles support energetically below, is currently in the planning, infrastructure construction, investment, project construction, organization construction and innovation of system and mechanism and achieved the results attract people's attention, the new district development and construction showing a strong momentum of development.

The reporter understands in interview, in the future, the construction of Lanzhou new area will further optimize the planning and policy measures; actively to undertake the transfer of industries, cogent do well capital attraction, strive to build industry group, breed new economic growth advantage; to innovation system mechanism, efforts in the development path, management mode, system, policy and measures of efficiency construction, investment environment, obtain new breakthrough ceaselessly ... ... For the Lanzhou new area to accelerate development infuse vigor, to provide protection.

Lanzhou new district is rising! We believe, in the near future, Lanzhou New District will become the country in the construction of the western region raised a hope " pearl ". Zhang Tieliang of our newspaper reporter

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