Heavy rain in Yiliang area and to the flood

In September 11th, relief workers in Yunnan Yiliang County driving shovel to clear the road. The Xinhua News Agency

According to Xinhua news agency, Yunnan, Yiliang in September 11 report ( reporter Zhou Hongpeng Zhao Dachun ) 10 days of evening to the morning of 11 Yunnan Yiliang earthquake, heavy rains, local heavy rain, disaster experience " superimposed disaster ", traffic, water supply, communications and other damaged to varying degrees. The party actively, the day before and after the evening, roads have been got through, communication basic recovery.

According to the Yunnan Zhaotong Yiliang earthquake relief headquarters press release, 10 days 20 when to 11 days 7 when, Yiliang appear strong rainfall weather, more rainfall reached 100 mm or more, of which up to 152 millimeters of rainfall in Yiliang county. Flood disasters caused by the 10.5 Yiliang County million people affected in varying degrees; the disaster area external transportation 4 main lines interrupted; county 's water pipeline and a standby water pipe multiple damage.

On the morning of 11 journalists in Yiliang County People's Hospital site to see, the camp some has been flood dike, the yard is full of mud, several ambulances wheel which got stuck in the mud.

In order to cope with the heavy rains caused a partial settlement is impaired, county water problems, Zhaotong city emergency dispatching 4700 folding bed mattress, 4700 sets, 2000 sets of 4000 quilts, raincoat and 2000 tents, issuance of biscuits and bread, mineral water, apple 10000, at the same time coordinate relief army and police forces, to help install folding bed, ensure that the affected people a place to sleep.

After the traffic department and unit 7 Road pat unit repair, up to 11 days before and after the Yiliang earthquake disaster area seventeen fifty-five, 4 main lines have all got through. 19 PM, Yiliang Luoze river front of the headquarters of emergency communication, the communication is restored to normal, Yiliang to the direction of the communication cable is prestige in rush repair. The building housing the departments are being mobilized in pipe, the formation of the 9 repair team of Yiliang County water supply main pipe, reserve water pumping station and the standby pipeline repair.

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