CCTV " news broadcast " concerns a Lanzhou theme of the campaign

The newspaper Lanzhou news ( reporter Zhang Qian Hou Ruozhi ) a few days ago, CCTV " news network " to " Gansu, Lanzhou: side effect side good people " for the problem, reported this year Lanzhou city to carry out a wide range of " human good and you together " large theme activity, showed Lanzhou city promotes a city effectively cohesion and centripetal force, make the moral high ground fruitful results.

By the Lanzhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of planning, the Lanzhou media to participate in the "mortal good and you together " large theme activity, since February since the start, use a variety of forms to dig deeper and sensitization occurs in the general public side touching stories, in human kindness to guide the public to the pursuit for goodness, aroused public good good complex. This theme Lanzhou attracted the wide attention of social all circles and active participation, in whole town quickly set off a good man, looking for good man, found to be good, to promote good boom. As of now, municipal media mining reported mortal charity 550 person-time, the ordinary people in Lanzhou love good small big, small for righteousness, warm and affects more people around you.

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