Baiyin Qu Sheng coal mine safety accident that killed 20 people

The newspaper Lanzhou news ( reporter Wang Yu Bai Debin Qi Xingfu September 25th ) this day zero hour 10 minutes, Baiyin District Qu Sheng limited coal mine wire rope breaking Roadster Accident, which killed 20 people, injured 14 people. After the accident, Secretary of provincial Party committee, the provincial people's Congress Standing Committee Wang Sanyun, vice secretary of provincial Party committee, vice-governor Liu Weiping quickly made written instructions, guiding the accident rescue work.

Wang Sanyun instructions, to make every attempt to rescue, while preventing the occurrence of secondary disasters. The recent continuous safe production accident, exposes some problems that are worth to take seriously, to infer other things from one fact, lessons learned, to strengthen supervision, the responsibility for the accident should be seriously investigated, and informed the province's, think about.

Liu Weiping instructions, will go to all lengths to rescue trapped personnel, make best efforts to reduce casualties. At the same time, the rapid development of serious accident investigation, investigate the cause of the accident, according to the law treatment.

The provincial Party committee, vice-governor Yu Haiyan has two times to the accident and rescue work instructions, and rushed to the scene to direct the rescue work.

At present, the accident rescue, rescue victims, rehabilitation work is being done in order. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

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