Gansu Provincial Federation of Taiwan compatriots happy thirty birthday

The Lanzhou September 26th news (reporter Zhu Jie) Gansu province of Taiwan compatriots to establish thirty anniversary conference held today in Lanzhou. More than 100 representatives from all over the province of Taiwan is Taiwan have a joyous gathering, celebrate the thirty birthday of the Taiwan Solidarity union.

The provincial Party committee, provincial Party Committee United Front Department Minister Ze Bazu attends the meeting and speak.

National Committee of the CPPCC Standing Committee, All-China Federation vice-chairman Chen Jie makes a speech.

Zebas points out, province of Taiwan compatriots was founded thirty years, in provincial Party committee, the provincial government under the strong leadership, always not to move or retreat to publicize and implement the party 's policy toward Taiwan and provincial Party committee, the provincial government to station job deploy, give full play to the party and government contacts at home and abroad, the bridge bond action, in me the province on the table on the work front played a special role. The peaceful development of cross-strait relations is by the pioneering stage in consolidating and deepening the new stage, our province to work is facing rare development opportunity. The province as the TSU comptatriots of Taiwan patriotic alliance organization, want not to move or retreat in central and provincial Party committee deploy, cogent strengthen and promote the long table fields of exchanges and cooperation, strive in the new historical period to play a greater role in the introduction of union organization. To enhance the sense of mission, give full play to its own advantages, widely to friendship, solidarity, service work; to enhance the sense of responsibility, as is a Taiwan-Taiwan more do useful and good things, and do a good job of Taiwan and Taiwan Solidarity to guide the work; to enhance the root consciousness, based on our province 's unique historical and cultural advantages, the establishment of key exchange platform and carrier, our compatriots in Taiwan to promote the Chinese nation and the Chinese culture; to enhance service awareness, and strive to improve their work ability and level of service, cogent the TSU organ construction has become the province of Taiwan love and trust " Taiwan compatriots home ".

Chen Jie says in the speech, Gansu province hopes to continue to explore social, service, the Taiwan Solidarity Union Solidarity Taiwan folks new ways, new methods, to unite and lead the broad comptatriots of Taiwan, in order to promote the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations and the reunification of the motherland to make new contribution.

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