Hezheng County Chi 5400000 improve the rural environment sanitation

The newspaper news ( reporter Ma Junping correspondent Qi Xingfu ) this year, Hezheng county to " water cleaning, home cleaning, pastoral clean " as the goal, pay close attention to rural environmental pollution control project construction, effectively solves the 19700 village water pollution, solid waste pollution and garbage pollution of rural production.

It is understood, county contiguous rural environment remediation projects a total investment of 5400000 yuan, 9 village life garbage disposal, water conservation, pollution control comprehensive control. At present, the project procurement, installation of garbage bin, manpower garbage truck, multifunctional compression type garbage transfer vehicle, and built a recyclable garbage collection station. At the same time, completed the county south of drinking water source protection project, construction of flood barrier, isolation fence, complete the rural non-point source collection room 47.

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