Lanzhou New District Education cluster project foundation

The newspaper Lanzhou on October 10th news (reporter Hou Ruozhi ) new development, education should go ahead of the rest. This morning, the Lanzhou Experimental Kindergarten Lanzhou new park construction project started laying, marks a total investment of 369000000 yuan of Lanzhou New District Education cluster construction officially kicks off.

On the development and construction of new Lanzhou beginning, the city of Lanzhou District of Lanzhou education development plan ahead. 2010 November, completed the " Lanzhou New District Education Development Plan " work. In 2011 September, began planning the construction of Lanzhou New District Education cluster project, designed by Lanzhou city existing elite " brand " drive effect, leading the Lanzhou New District Education to quality, connotation, characteristic development, make up the new high-quality educational resources shortage, enhance the adsorption capacity of Lanzhou new area and integrated competition ability.

Lanzhou New District Education cluster construction mainly includes " a center, four campus, five base ". " A center " is the Lanzhou model of comprehensive practice center, the project is the Ministry of education, Ministry of finance by the lottery public welfare fund, in the capital city in support of key construction projects; " four, " the Lanzhou City Experimental Kindergarten, Lan Lian is a small, eleven in Lanzhou, one in 4 of the prestigious school project, formed from preschool to high school are schools leading development pattern; " five base " Lanzhou Vocational Technical College, Lanzhou woman secondary, Lanzhou Polytechnic secondary school, Lanzhou tourism vocational school, Lanzhou business school and 5 occupation college training base for the new project, the upgrading of the industrial structure, pillar industry to build personnel training.

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