Dingxi police anti seize drill


Biff winning


Thunder attack


Be prepared to meet the challenge

The newspaper Dingxi news ( reporter Zhu Yukun Ma Lin correspondent Du Xia ) 3 " suspects " handheld " firearms " " tool ", a bank in a " kill " a payee, " robbery" of 500000 yuan in cash, fled to buses and passengers as hostages ... ... In a crisis situation. Public security police rushed to the scene quickly assembled a variety, with the earthquake bomb explosion, the police rushed forward to smash the glass bus, two " gangster " without a fight, another gunman " gangster " recalcitrant "killed" by the scene, the hostages were rescued by safety ... ... This thrilling scene, is the Dingxi city public security organ anti robbery drill a wonderful fragment.

In October 16th, the Dingxi city public security organs in the new city held a large-scale emergency response report drill. Thousands of police in police skills show segment, featuring riot gun firing, Qingdiquan group exercises, drills, cutting technology against robbery card intercept training skills, to show the police good mental outlook and the maintenance of social order and stability of the powerful mind.

This drill to simulate different sudden ( case) events as the background, a total of Dingxi City Public Security Bureau, the armed police detachment, fire brigade, seven County Public Security Bureau police detachment, 11 emergency response team to participate in the exercises, armed police, fire officers and soldiers into the police and the masses, in more than 900 people, more than 100 vehicles, various types of equipment more than 300 sets ( pieces).

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