" Follow the party forever to build a new Gansu " gala held

Zhang Ziheng of our newspaper reporter

The newspaper Lanzhou on November 19th news (reporter Zhu Jie ) full of pride celebration event, create Albert open a new chapter. On complete province next Festival party at the conclusion of the eighteen major victory, by the provincial organs Working Committee to host the " follow the party forever to build a new Gansu " Gala, tonight at the Gansu grand theatre.

Wang Sanyun, Liu Weiping, Feng Jian, Liu Yongfu, fitness, Zeba foot, salty Hui, Zhang Xiaolan, Yu Haiyan, Li Jianhua, Liang Mingyuan, Qiao Hanrong hoon, open, Li Yongjun and Zhang Xusheng, Li Peiwen, Shi Jing, and thousands of spectators to watch.

Bright lights, rich multicolored decorations, show a warm atmosphere. Performances in the passionate emotion dance " the motherland long live " introduction, " Maira variations " " become rich road to my hometown. " " Splendid China " and other songs and dances, sings the Communist Party of China despite the hardships and dangers, after 90 years of hard exploration achievements; music poetry recitation " compose new chapter of beautiful long yuan " vividly telling my province adhere to the scientific development, late overtaking process; Dance " police soul " " snow song ", " western ", sing songs, expresses the Longyuan children infinite to the party faithful sincere emotion, sing your heroic and joy; chorus " revival " expression of cadres of workers follow the party forever strong determination, and to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation 's confidence.

The show the magnificent, elegant and smooth, soulful singing party sixteen big since, Chinese Communist Party led the people to advance reforming and opening and socialistic modernization new achievement; the full provincial organs of broad cadre worker to be enthusiastic and press on, proactive spirit, further stimulated the majority of Party members, cadres and workers go ahead, do good for the construction of Gansu, a beautiful new contribution to the wisdom and strength of the blazing feelings.

Performance in a forceful and " there'll be no new China without the Communist Party there " Choral sound came to an end.

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