To carry forward the Chinese culture of Korean minority has made outstanding contribution to Gansu's Li Ting prize

" Changbai Mountain my home ".

The newspaper Lanzhou news ( reporter Li Manfu ) on November 27th, the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin province held a " carry forward the Chinese culture of Korean minority outstanding contribution award " award ceremony, awarded the TV series " Changbai Mountain my home " screenwriter, art director Mr. Li Ting " carry forward the Chinese Korean cultural Award for outstanding contribution ".

Li Ting 's ancestral home in Gansu province county, he graduated from the History Department of the Northwest Normal university. So far in 1992 in CCTV, CCTV is now the Chinese TV drama production center vice president, national screenwriter, winner of the twenty-fifth China TV Drama Best Drama award.

In 2008, Yanbian decided to film a show of Chinese Korean life emotional drama, to carry forward the Chinese Korean nationality outstanding culture. Li Ting was invited to accept this creative task. To ensure that the TV series " Changbai Mountain my home " to reflect Korean people's life and history, including Li Ting 's staff, has a few degrees of development of Yanbian, to the street, village and farmer family, experience the folk custom, from the understanding of Korean history and culture and art, so many of the events, characters, the plot, the language has been profound basis of life. In September of this year, 29 TV sets, " Changbai Mountain my home " in CCTV prime-time broadcast. The play is believed to be the first report of Chinese Korean people for half a century of changes in the lives of emotional drama and the epic theme of ethnic work.

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