In zoology home beautiful Tianzhu

" The charm of the 2012 Cup " photography exhibition is the Dunhuang Institute for actively carry out provincial Party committee of couplet village couplet door for people to enrich the people the action of important spiritual and planned the implementation of a nationwide high quality photography exhibition, to do well the photography exhibition, Dunhuang Research Institute and the Photographers Association of Gansu Province, county people's government, Tianzhu county Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly organized this activity, based on a new vision, new organization, new incentives, through the press, network, wind and other forms of Tianzhu County natural landscape, beautiful scenery, folk customs, religious culture, economic construction undertook comprehensive photography, photography contest held in the county 's tourist industry play an active role in promoting local pillar industry, promote the rapid development of the village, the village people to enrich the people the action to fall to real point.

Country morning Zhang Yanjie


Fierce competition Ge Hongwei


Settle shepherd house Huang Jinbao

Shepherd return of Lv Zhijun


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